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How to Deposit XPR to Kucoin

Kucoin now supports Proton MainNet which means you can deposit XPR to Kucoin without paying network fees!

1. Get Your Memo

Once you have setup your Kucoin account go to Assets > Deposit and select XPR Proton

Now you should see a screen like this showing the Proton Address you should send your XPR to as well as Your Memo which you MUST include.

2. Send to Kucoin

Now open Proton wallet and copy and paste the kucoindotxpr address into the search bar and select it.

Then choose how much XPR you would like to send, click continue and paste Your Memo from Kucoin into the memo field on Proton wallet.

Press Send now, authorize the transaction and within a minute you will see your XPR in the deposit history on Kucoin

Congrats you are ready to trade!

Proton News

How to get LOAN airdrop on Proton

Download the Proton Wallet.

Metal have just announced an official date (June 15th at 12am PST) and details about the Proton Lend LOAN token airdrop to XPR and MTL holders and stakers!

From their blog;

We are excited to announce the introduction of LOAN governance token for Proton Lend and the incoming airdrop that can only be accessed directly on the Proton blockchain. The LOAN token will be used to vote on governance decisions such as which tokens can be collateralized on the protocol to borrow and lend, as well as the rates for borrowing

They have announced that the LOAN governance token can be earned in one of three ways:

1. The initial airdrop of LOAN to XMT, XPR and XPR short/long term stakers 
2. Liquidity mining on Proton Lend via providing liquidity to any approved pair on Proton Lend protocol
3. Liquidity mining on Proton Swap via providing liquidity against any LOAN pair

You can only access the initial airdrop as well as liquidity mining on the Proton blockchain, the Proton Lend and Proton Swap protocol. Which means you need to have your MTL and XPR on the Proton blockchain.

Download the Proton Wallet and move your $MTL & $XPR there ASAP!

And now for the juicy details, the distribution ratios of LOAN for the airdrop is broken down as follows:

  • 333:1 XMT (known as MTL on Ethereum)
  • 1:1 XPR
  • 2:1 XPR short stake
  • 10:1 XPR long stake 90 day
  • 30:1 XPR long stake 365 day
When is the LOAN Airdrop on Proton?

June 15th at 12am PST according to the announcement;

Proton Lend opens up a new possibility for borrowing and lending against multiple blockchains that were not accessible on Ethereum or other protocols previously. The LOAN airdrop will commence on June 15th at 12am PST, any of the listed tokens that are held on Proton or in short or long staking contract at that time will receive the airdrop.

For more information on staking and the LOAN airdrop, read the official announcement here.

Proton Tutorials

How to add Proton NFTs to Tip Bot

Thanks to Syed over at you can now easily deposit your Proton NFTs to the Bloks Tip Bot and tip people in chat with /tipnft

Let’s run through the steps real quick..

Log in to Proton Market, connect your wallet and purchase or mint an NFT that you would like to tip on Telegram.

Visit the Proton NFT telegram group

Join the group and find the user @TippedBot

Message @TippedBot directly with the command /depositnft

It will respond with your Telegram ID, copy it.

Visit and connect your Proton Wallet.

Go to Wallet > Transfer NFTs
or follow this link

  1. In the Send To field enter: tippedtipped
  2. Select the NFT you would like to deposit to the Tip Bot
  3. In the Memo field, paste your telegram ID you copied before
  4. Hit transfer and authorize it using your Proton Wallet.

Now when you message the Bloks Bot on Telegram (@TippedBot) with the command /nfts you will see your NFT along with it’s asset ID.

You can now go back to the Proton NFT telegram group and to tip someone an NFT simply reply to a message in the group with the command /tipnft ASSET_NAME or /tipnft ASSET_ID

If you would like to tip a specific asset, enter the asset ID string alternatively if you use the asset name such as “Zero Gravity” it will automatically tip the highest number card available in your Telegram Lite Wallet.

Proton Tutorials

How to: Send crypto without fees

Welcome to Crypto! Where the gains are high but so are the fees… every time you want to send someone Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) for example, you have to pay a transaction fee or “gas”.

But what if there was a way to send BTC, ETH or even USDC without paying any of these fees?

Introducing Proton ⚛️

Proton Chain eliminates transaction and gas fees by wrapping BTC or ETH as xtokens aka XBTC and XETH respectively. Once you’ve converted your crypto to xtokens on Proton you can send and receive crypto to others on Proton – without paying gas fees.

But that’s not all… if anyone has tried sending Bitcoin or Ethereum to a friend or tried to pay for goods online, you know how long it takes for a transaction to be “confirmed”. So not only do you have to pay fees for the privilege of sending someone money but it also takes forever to send. This isn’t the blockchain dream we were sold.

Not to worry… the dream has come true with Proton. Transactions are instant. No more painful wait times. Try it for yourself.

How do I convert my crypto to xtokens on Proton Chain?

The number of supported coins and tokens in Proton Wallet is growing by the week!

Follow instructions 1 to 3 in this guide on how to convert ETH to XETH using Proton Swap.

Go to our Proton Tutorials page for more information on how to use Proton.

Proton Tutorials

How to: Swap xUSDC to xBTC

Swapping between currencies has never been easier with Proton Wallet you can swap instantly between USD, BTC, ETH, XPR and more!

1. Download Proton Wallet

Download Proton Wallet for iOS or Android using this link.

2. Deposit Crypto

Deposit Crypto to your Proton Wallet using Proton Swap.

Follow our guide on how to Deposit Crypto to Proton Wallet.

3. Swap Crypto

Open the Proton Wallet, press the + button at the bottom of the screen.

Select Swap.

Select the drop down arrow next to XBTC.

Select USD Coin (XUSDC)

Enter the amount of XUSDC you would like to swap to XBTC and press Preview Swap.

Press Swap Now.

Back on the Home Screen select your XBTC balance.

You will see the XBTC in your balance from ProtonSwap.

That’s it! You can also do this same operation on Proton Swap if you prefer a web interface.

Proton Tutorials

How to: Convert Crypto to NZD

1. Swap to XUSDC

To lock in the best price, we recommend that you use Proton Swap to swap your crypto (BTC, ETH etc) to XUSDC first.

2. Sell on Easy Crypto

Visit Easy Crypto and Sign Up.

Once you’ve signed up and verified your identity, go to the home page and change the drop-down on Quick Buy/Sell on the right from New Zealand Dollar (NZD) to USD Coin (USDC).

Enter the amount of USDC you are converting to NZD. In this example I chose $300 USD.

Press the green Sell Now button.

You will be taken to the Confirm Payment Details page.

Press > Get USDC deposit address

Read the message inside the yellow dropdown and tick the two confirmation boxes.

You will be given a deposit address, click on the little blue clipboard to copy the address.

Visit Proton Swap and click on Convert.

Select WITHDRAW and choose USD Coin (XUSDC)

Enter the amount of USDC you chose to sell on Easy Crypto in to the Withdraw Amount field.

Paste the USDC address that you copied above in to the Ethereum (Mainnet) Address field.

Click Withdraw.

The Proton Signing Request will pop-up.

Open the Proton Wallet on your mobile device.

An authorization request will pop-up, confirm the details are correct and click Authorize.

That’s it! Now check your email for confirmation from Easy Crypto.

Funds generally show in your bank account after 1-2 business days, but it usually shows same day!

Don’t forget to let Easy Crypto know we sent you!

Thanks for voting for Proton NZ!

Join us in the NZ Cryptocurrency Group on Facebook to connect with other Proton users in New Zealand.

Proton Tutorials

How to: Get your Proton Name

Updated for Version 1.0.4

One of the first things you will notice about Proton Chain is that unlike legacy blockchains, your wallet address isn’t a long string of characters, it’s an easy to remember Proton Name. Nice and simple.

In this quick guide we will go through the steps to get your own unique Proton Name.

1. Download Proton Wallet

Download the Proton Wallet for iOS or Android using this link.

2. Setup your Proton Account

We are creating this guide on an iPhone but the same process applies for Android devices.

First, open the wallet and press Get Started.

Next enter your email address and choose a secure password. Creating a Proton Account requires your email address for verification.

On iOS you will be asked if you want to save this password in your iCloud Keychain. It’s good practice to do this.

Next you will need to check your email for a code that looks like this…

Type the unique six digit code you received in your email in to the Enter code field and press Continue.

Next you can enter your Public Name, this can be your real name or an alias and you can change your Public Name at any time. Please note this is not your Proton Username, you can choose that next.

Pro-Tip: This public name will be entered on the blockchain and can be seen by advanced users. If you are trying to maintain privacy you may choose not to use your real name here.

Now here’s the important part, choosing your Proton Username.

Your username is what you give to other people to send you crypto on Proton. You cannot change this once you click Finish, so make sure you choose the right one!

Awesome! You’ve officially got your unique Proton Name and you can start sending and receiving crypto using Proton.

Once you’re on Proton you can send and receive crypto to and from other people on Proton without paying gas fees… finally! This is the future of DeFi… strap in 🚀

Next follow our guide on how to buy Proton XPR using Proton Swap.

Proton Tutorials

How to: Staking Proton XPR

Updated for Version 1.0.4

Staking is the process of actively participating in transaction validation on the blockchain… in simple terms, you can earn interest on your crypto.

The fastest and easiest way to earn interest on your crypto is by Staking Proton XPR in the Proton Wallet.

1. Download Proton Wallet

Download Proton Wallet for iOS or Android using this link.

2. Buy XPR

Once you have setup your Proton Wallet, deposit crypto and buy Proton XPR following this guide.

3. Staking

On the home page of the Proton Wallet app you will see Proton XPR listed under Assets.

Click on Proton XPR.

This screen shows you your Available Balance in XPR.

Click on Add Stake.

There are currently two Staking options on Proton, you can choose to Long Stake or Short Stake. We will talk more about Long Staking in another post.

Click on Short Stake.

Step 1: Using the slider, choose the amount of XPR you would like to stake then click Next.

Step 2: In order to claim short staking rewards you must select 4 block producers to vote for, the decision is up to you and each Block Producer makes different contributions to the network. We will cover this in more detail in a future post.

For now, select the four Block Producers you would like to vote for.

After selecting four Block Producers, press Finish.

If you found this article useful, please vote for Proton NZ.

Now you will return to this screen and you can see your available balance as well as your total staked XPR.

4. Claiming Rewards

As a result of Short Staking and voting with your Proton XPR, you can now claim daily rewards based on the variable APR.

The variable APR changes depending on how much Proton XPR is staked on the network. To see the variable APR simply click on Update Stake again and you will see it listed under Short Stake.

If you are Short Staking you can claim your rewards once per day by opening the Short Stake panel and pressing Claim Now.

You can only Claim staking rewards once every 24 hours, and you have to wait 24 hours the first time you stake, so you may see a screen like the one below showing no rewards yet. Be patient and check back this time tomorrow!

Please note this guide will be updated as the Proton Chain team release new updates to the Proton Wallet.

We appreciate your vote for Proton NZ in the Proton Wallet!

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Proton Tutorials

How to: Buy Proton XPR

The easiest and fastest way to buy Proton $XPR is using Proton Swap.

1. Download Proton Wallet

Download Proton Wallet for iOS or Android using this link.

2. Get your Proton Name

Follow our quick guide on setting up your Proton Wallet.

3. Deposit Crypto

Once you have setup your Proton Wallet, visit Proton Swap and Connect Wallet.

When you click Connect Wallet you will be asked to choose a wallet, click on Proton Wallet.

You will then be given a QR code to scan. If you are on your mobile phone click ‘Open Wallet’.

If you are on a PC or Mac, open the Proton Wallet on your mobile device, press the square in the bottom menu and then scan the QR code.

After you have scanned the QR code with the Proton Wallet a popup will appear, click Authorize.

After you click Authorize in the Proton Wallet return to Proton Swap and you will be logged in (see your name top right).

Click the Convert button on the menu in Proton Swap.

You can then choose to deposit crypto of your choice, in this example we will use Ethereum (ETH).

Click on Ethereum, you will be given a deposit address. Copy the address and paste it in your existing wallet.

Send your ETH to this address and it will automatically be converted to XETH.

You may need to wait up to 30 minutes for your deposit to arrive. However, once you are on Proton Chain everything is instant!

4. Swap Crypto

Once your deposit has been received you will see your updated balance in the Proton Wallet. You can now use Proton Swap to purchase XPR with your ETH.

Click the Swap button on the menu in Proton Swap.

Then choose the crypto you would like to swap, in this case we are swapping some of our XETH to XPR.

Enter the amount of XETH you would like to swap for XPR, in this case I have chosen 0.0028 and click Swap.

You will then need to confirm this request by opening up the Proton Wallet on your mobile device.

When you open Proton Wallet on your mobile device a popup will appear, click Authorize.

Success! You have now swapped XETH for XPR.

Now visit our Guide to Staking for information on how to earn interest on your Proton XPR.

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