How to: Send crypto without fees

Welcome to Crypto! Where the gains are high but so are the fees… every time you want to send someone Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) for example, you have to pay a transaction fee or “gas”.

But what if there was a way to send BTC, ETH or even USDC without paying any of these fees?

Introducing Proton ⚛️

Proton Chain eliminates transaction and gas fees by wrapping BTC or ETH as xtokens aka XBTC and XETH respectively. Once you’ve converted your crypto to xtokens on Proton you can send and receive crypto to others on Proton – without paying gas fees.

But that’s not all… if anyone has tried sending Bitcoin or Ethereum to a friend or tried to pay for goods online, you know how long it takes for a transaction to be “confirmed”. So not only do you have to pay fees for the privilege of sending someone money but it also takes forever to send. This isn’t the blockchain dream we were sold.

Not to worry… the dream has come true with Proton. Transactions are instant. No more painful wait times. Try it for yourself.

How do I convert my crypto to xtokens on Proton Chain?

The number of supported coins and tokens in Proton Wallet is growing by the week!

Follow instructions 1 to 3 in this guide on how to convert ETH to XETH using Proton Swap.

Go to our Proton Tutorials page for more information on how to use Proton.