How to: Buy XPR

The easiest and fastest way to buy Proton $XPR is using Metal X.

1. Download WebAuth Wallet

Download WebAuth Wallet for iOS or Android using this link.

2. Get your Proton Name

Follow our quick guide on setting up your WebAuth Wallet.

3. Deposit Crypto

Once you have setup your Proton Wallet, visit Proton Swap and Connect Wallet.

When you click Connect Wallet you will be asked to choose a wallet, click on Proton Wallet.

You will then be given a QR code to scan. If you are on your mobile phone click ‘Open Wallet’.

If you are on a PC or Mac, open the Proton Wallet on your mobile device, press the square in the bottom menu and then scan the QR code.

After you have scanned the QR code with the Proton Wallet a popup will appear, click Authorize.

After you click Authorize in the Proton Wallet return to Proton Swap and you will be logged in (see your name top right).

Click the Convert button on the menu in Proton Swap.

You can then choose to deposit crypto of your choice, in this example we will use Ethereum (ETH).

Click on Ethereum, you will be given a deposit address. Copy the address and paste it in your existing wallet.

Send your ETH to this address and it will automatically be converted to XETH.

You may need to wait up to 30 minutes for your deposit to arrive. However, once you are on Proton Chain everything is instant!

4. Swap Crypto

Once your deposit has been received you will see your updated balance in the Proton Wallet. You can now use Proton Swap to purchase XPR with your ETH.

Click the Swap button on the menu in Proton Swap.

Then choose the crypto you would like to swap, in this case we are swapping some of our XETH to XPR.

Enter the amount of XETH you would like to swap for XPR, in this case I have chosen 0.0028 and click Swap.

You will then need to confirm this request by opening up the Proton Wallet on your mobile device.

When you open Proton Wallet on your mobile device a popup will appear, click Authorize.

Success! You have now swapped XETH for XPR.

Now visit our Guide to Staking for information on how to earn interest on your Proton XPR.

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