How to add Proton NFTs to Tip Bot

Thanks to Syed over at you can now easily deposit your Proton NFTs to the Bloks Tip Bot and tip people in chat with /tipnft

Let’s run through the steps real quick..

Log in to Proton Market, connect your wallet and purchase or mint an NFT that you would like to tip on Telegram.

Visit the Proton NFT telegram group

Join the group and find the user @TippedBot

Message @TippedBot directly with the command /depositnft

It will respond with your Telegram ID, copy it.

Visit and connect your Proton Wallet.

Go to Wallet > Transfer NFTs
or follow this link

  1. In the Send To field enter: tippedtipped
  2. Select the NFT you would like to deposit to the Tip Bot
  3. In the Memo field, paste your telegram ID you copied before
  4. Hit transfer and authorize it using your Proton Wallet.

Now when you message the Bloks Bot on Telegram (@TippedBot) with the command /nfts you will see your NFT along with it’s asset ID.

You can now go back to the Proton NFT telegram group and to tip someone an NFT simply reply to a message in the group with the command /tipnft ASSET_NAME or /tipnft ASSET_ID

If you would like to tip a specific asset, enter the asset ID string alternatively if you use the asset name such as “Zero Gravity” it will automatically tip the highest number card available in your Telegram Lite Wallet.